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Fitness Buff.
Mental Health Advocate.

Daniel Wallen

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Sounds like one heck of a claim. Allow me to prove it with a list:

1. In my past life, I was a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher.

2. Three years ago, I had a manic episode that drove me crazy (literally).

3. Today, I'm writing a memoir about how I overcame this mental health crisis.

4. Walking dogs at the local shelter was the biggest asset to my healing process.

5. I got so good at advertising shelter dogs online that I've found homes for 150+.

6. Cats hiss when I try to walk them; but I made a pet adoption website, which gets them adopted, too.

7. My favorite author (Dean Koontz) answered a letter I wrote. Another favorite (Jenny Lawson) follows me on Twitter.

8. Batman is my inner avatar. I find superhero stories more helpful than any self-help book. You get to see heroism personified.

9. I've written five best-selling Amazon books and hundreds of articles on every subject imaginable (many hit page one of Google).

10. The guy who played Michael Myers met me for breakfast in high school and signed my Halloween comic. He is a pleasant dude.

Evidence of the claims above: letter signed by Dean Koontz, Halloween comic signed by Dick Warlock, and a screenshot reflecting Jenny Lawson a.k.a. 'The Bloggess' indeed follows Daniel Wallen on Twitter

What led you to shift gears and become a web designer?

After the previously mentioned mental health challenge, I was depressed. So depressed it became impossible to write.

I was in a bad place mentally and couldn't escape the question: "Who are you to give advice while your life is such a mess?"

The lack of inspiration caused me to abandon the idea of writing for a bit. But I had to make money somehow, so I got a waiter job.

Sounds awful, but an easy job is exactly what I needed at the time. And it paid better than expected. I made enough money to take a gap year.

Web design felt like a good bet, because it complements my existing skill set of copywriting and search engine optimization (SEO).

In other words, I can single-handedly perform the holy trinity of online business growth. I'm basically a One Man Agency.

Plus I'm a pro at community outreach. How else do you think I got over a hundred dogs adopted? It wasn't luck.

Three shelter dog status which reached 200, 300, and 400 shares on Daniel Wallen's Facebook

What makes you different and better than most web designers?

The average web designer builds your website and... that's it. You have to figure out the rest alone.

Have you studied sales, social media, and online marketing for thousands of hours? Somehow I doubt it.

Without those skills, the most beautiful website ever designed won't do you any good (sorry to inform you).

I'm the only web designer in the galaxy who builds, launches, promotes, optimizes, and monetizes your website.

Here's the traffic from Tri Pets (pet adoption website). Bear in mind I only spend two hours per week on this project.

Last time I checked, social shares were over 4,000. Every time I share a link, the shelter receives DM's about pets in an instant.

If we design a website for your service business, I know we'll invest a LOT more time and energy into the process (food for thought).

Google Analytics screenshot reflecting nearly 20,000 visitors for Tri Pets

What qualities do you find important in a great website?

Website speed is a big deal. If it takes forever to load, people will leave before you're able to make your case.

The next image reveals how fast my websites are, according to a site speed report from Google. They all earn an A+.

Mobile friendliness is important. Half of your potential clients are on a smartphone (source). If it looks bad, they'll hate it and leave.

80% of the people who visit my pet adoption website and mental health blog are using a cellphone. Thus, I focus on their needs first.

Security matters. This is why I don't use WordPress. 90% of blogs that get hacked live on WordPress (source). Their websites are bloated and slow, too.

WordPress forces you to use pre-made themes that are near impossible to customize. They contain a bunch of code you don't want or need. It's poor software.

Webflow is better, because their websites are more secure. You can also start with a blank slate, which makes it much easier to optimize for your business objectives.

As a freelance writer, I managed several WordPress websites, and saw how easily they become compromised. One website got hacked so hard we couldn't use it anymore.

This hack happened despite precautions such as using unique passwords and changing them often. This has never happened on Webflow (and I've built many websites there).

Google PageInsights screenshot reflecting site speeds of 98 (, 99 (, and 96 (

Who is a good fit for your website design services?

I feel led to assist service businesses and providers who are hurting because of the pandemic.

For now, I'm focused on the top three industries I know best: fitness, pet care, and mental health.

Read: I already speak the language of potential clients and service professionals in those niches.

At the end, I'll provide links to three unique sales pages (notice the tone is quite different on each one).

This is a good place to mention a fun fact: I've served as a ghostwriter for celebrities featured on popular TV shows.

Specifically, news and talk shows including: 20/20, Today, Inside Edition, Rachael Ray, Steve Harvey, and Anderson Cooper.

I've also acted in 20+ plays, three short films, and a full-length movie titled: "Before the Fall," which was a huge hit in film festivals.

Ghostwriting and acting require you to portray a character who isn't the same as you. In other words, I can write in your distinct voice.

Your website and associated content will be designed to fit your authentic personality. It will feel genuine to friends, family, and future clients.

Logos for the popular news and talk shows mentioned in the paragraph above

What's included with your service business websites?

The sales pages on the bottom get deeper into this question, but I'll summarize the key points.

First, we'll have a deep discussion about how your services work and who would benefit from them.

A clear understanding of how your demographics think is essential. This influences every website design decision.

Second, we'll determine a content marketing strategy that's tailored to fit the precise type of client you want to attract.

Content includes a landing page with a welcome message, about page that positions you as an expert, and ethical bribe.

"Ethical bribe" means a valuable e-book, guide, or online report we'll provide to readers in exchange for their email address.

Email lists are great, because some people need time to make a purchase decision. And a list of qualified leads is a fantastic asset.

That said, subscribers are only helpful when they follow the opt-in process. 80% of emails aren't read (source). 80% of my welcome emails are read.

We'll use the very same procedure to make sure your emails get the attention they deserve. Another issue? Most websites are closed within 15 seconds.

This leads into the third point: we'll also publish timeless (read: always relevant) articles that emphasize your prospects' biggest problems and pain points.

Here's an example for a veterinarian: "How To Help Your Senior Dog Live Longer." Any responsible dog owner would be 100% interested in what they have to say.

The article would be jampacked with value. We'd close with a call-to-action that encourages them to make an appointment. And we'd embed an online calendar at the end.

There's no need for you to schedule appointments manually. Resources like Calendly can automate this process entirely. This system is included with every website I design.

Remember: most content is closed within seconds (source). The reason? Simple. Most people are weak writers. You have less than a second to make a positive impression (source).

Fail and you lose the sale. Appointment scheduling can't save you when people aren't interested in your content. I've been writing professionally for a decade. It won't happen on my watch.

Lastly, we'll promote your new website in every conceivable way: status updates, messages to people who fit your demographics, and targeted ads (after everything is as optimized as it gets).

How can I afford to be so thorough? I use an innovative performance-based payment plan. With exceptions for the domain and hosting, you pay nothing until you profit. No other website designer does this.

The average web designer doesn't have a clue how to optimize your website for conversions. They don't think it's their job to ensure your website makes money. I'm thankful... it makes me the obvious choice!

If you're still there, thanks for your time. I know you're busy and appreciate you for spending a small part of your day with me. Below are the three website design services available. Choose your own adventure...

Pet care service provider?

Veterinarian holding a welsh corgi dog I Want a Pawesome Pet Care Website

Mental health professional?

Therapist providing counseling to a client I Need a Tasteful Therapist Website

Fitness trainer or yoga teacher?

Female personal trainer drinking coffee at the gym I Must Have a Slick Fitness Website

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