Daniel Wallen

Internet Architect and Performance Marketer with a Soft Spot for Shelter Dogs

The Perfect Job Description

So I completed Lambda School recently and received their total endorsement. This means I passed a gauntlet of challenges including:

1. Technical Interview

2. Behavioral Interview

3. HackerRank Code Challenge

In addition, I've acculumated more than 2,000 hours of experience as a full stack web developer.

This accounts for freeCodeCamp certifications completed and in process as a supplement to my already rigorous study plan.

That Said, I Must Be Honest and Upfront

I've looked at job descriptions for software engineer roles. Most don't excite me.

"Why?" you ask. Simple: I have a multifaceted skill set that includes strengths beyond development.

Fast and easy way to see what I mean: visit Tri Pets (pet adoption website I built and launched in a week for my hometown of Kingsport, TN).

List of roles I performed:




-Web designer

-Web developer

-Community outreach

-Performance marketer

Here's the Performance Metrics

Google Analyics for the pet adoption websites reflecting over 1,500 visitors in two weeks

This was accomplished in one month with a mere 383 Facebook friends and 350 Twitter followers (read: I know how to find folks receptive to a marketing message).

At Last, We've Arrived to the Point

Since I have an unconventional but powerful skill set, I wrote my own perfect job description. Enjoy! And if there's room in your company for a Renaissance Man like me, feel free to reach out.

Internet Architect and Performance Marketer

Reports To:

SEO Specialist

Senior Copywriter

Senior Software Engineer

Digital Marketing Manager

Technical Product Manager

Responsibilities and Duties:

-Designs landing/about pages, email sign-up forms, and other website content as needed with feedback from UX

-Develops reliable programs and functionality such as log-in/sign-up, navigation/routing, and dashboard/CRUD operations

-Provides copy for landing/about pages, email newsletters, autoresponse sequences, Facebook ads, and product/service descriptions

-Identifies opportunities to build relationships with influencers and other potential collaborators to gain leverage and maximize impact

-Synchronizes brand message at all levels (within the app/software itself, social media channels, and digital assets such as the website)

-Helps customers or clients troubleshoot bugs or product-related issues and implement best practices that will improve their effectiveness

-Measures performance metrics such as social shares, unique visitors, time on page, and conversion rate with an eye towards continuous improvement


-Loves dogs (just saying)

-Strategizes at a high level

-2,000+ hours of code experience

-Fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

-Proficient in React, Node, and Python

-Deployed projects in all of the above

-Maintained websites in Webflow and Wordpress

-Bachelor's degree in Business (Marketing/Management)

-More than a decade of creative and copywriting experience

-Capable of working productively on a cross-functional team

-Collaborates efficiently with developers and project managers

-Demonstrated ability to attract attention from readers and prospects who fit a certain demographic profile

-Enjoys experimenting with all social media platforms to determine what resonates most (both at the user and algorithm levels)

Hope You Enjoyed This Thought Exercise

And don't hesitate to connect on LinkedIn if you read this and think: "Wow, we need a guy exactly like that!"