100% Personalized Web Design and Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses Who Want to Win Big in Kingsport, TN

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The Problem with Most Freelancers and Agencies

Your small business is totally unique. From far away, you might look similar to competitors in your industry.

Upon closer inspection, your business has an intricate design unlike anything else the world has ever seen.

And yet the average freelance web designer or digital marketing agency sells every client the same service.

The lack of customization or research to uncover your specific needs is an insult. I don't play that game.

Let's look under the hood and find the best fix for your small biz.

How Could I Recommend Any Service Without a Diagnosis?

Honest auto mechanics don't sell the same service to every customer.

They inspect your vehicle for safety hazards and recommend the most relevant repair.

Ethical doctors don't sell the same service to every patient. Could you imagine? That'd be a story.

Instead, they diagnose what's wrong and suggest a treatment designed to fit your individual situation.

Let's diagnose the treatment you need to survive and thrive in 2021.

Call Me Your Web Doctor and Social Media Mechanic

If your website is already proven to work, all you really need is targeted traffic (new customers).

If your website looks nice but isn't optimized, we can fix that with layout and copy modifications.

If your website is super outdated, it might be best to design a brand new one that is more reliable.

Together, we'll investigate and identify the fixes that will make the biggest impact for your business.

Let's investigate the scene and uncover the strategies that will attract the most customers with the least frustration.

I Can't Promise Fast and Easy Results (But I Can Promise Long Lasting Ones)

I live by the law of constant evolution. If you aren't growing, you're going backwards.

In other words, I measure the results of every website and online marketing campaign carefully.

And I won't stop revising until your conversion rate -- sales divided by traffic -- is as good as it gets.

Websites and advertising campaigns come with a month of revisions. I'm happy to manage them for you, too.

Let's give your small business an online presence that's built on a strong foundation with limitless growth potential.

This Feels Like a Good Place to Introduce Myself

Hi! Daniel Wallen here. If that name sounds familiar, it's because you've seen it on Facebook.

Two or three times a week, I walk a shelter dog and promote them on social media.

When I'm not chasing a dog with my phone, I build websites for small businesses.

Own a small biz in the Tri-Cities of TN/VA? Schedule a consultation now. 👇