Find More Personal Training Clients in 2021 with a Slick Fitness Business Website

Help people get fit, strong, and healthy at a greater scale than you ever dreamed possible.

Meet Daniel Wallen, web designer specializing in personal trainer and yoga teacher websites. 👇

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COVID-19 made personal training and yoga classes hard. Let's fix that.

Are you ready to move your fitness business online?

Do you need a web design expert to eliminate the guesswork?

Would you like a website that generates new clients while you sleep?

If your muscles flexed in agreement, watch this video before you scroll...

Every personal trainer and yoga teacher website includes:

1. Persuasive buttons that get clicked.

"Learn More" persuades no one. "Yes, I Want to Lose Belly Fat" is clearly better. What do you think?

2. Engaging introduction that helps you stand out.

People don't buy fitness training. They buy fitness trainers. Emphasize your individual personality to win.

3. Useful report that shows people how to train effectively.

You can't expect every website visitor to buy immediately. We'll use a lead magnet to get emails for slow movers.

4. Actionable content that emphasizes your audience's fitness struggles.

If you want new clients, you've gotta understand their unique quirks and personality. In time, they'll see you as an authority figure.

5. Vivid descriptions and sales pages that convince people to hire you.

How are you superior to the average personal trainer? Why are your online yoga classes better than alternatives? We'll highlight your secret sauce.

6. Responsive web design that looks good on any device or screen size.

50% of your potential clients are on a smartphone. If your website looks like crap on mobile, they'll close it and never come back.

7. Efficient systems that turn website visitors into paying clients.

I'd never build a website and expect you to figure it out. We'll launch, promote, optimize, and monetize it together.

Do you want a fitness business website your future yoga or personal training clients will love?

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Personal trainers, yoga teachers, physical therapists, and other fitness professionals who want to find more clients online.

As a fitness professional, you understand progressive overload. I've trained my web design muscles for 2,000+ hours... that's a LOT of repetitions.

We'll isolate the fitness goals that matter to your ideal client (and obstacles that get in their way) Then we'll publish and promote content that hits their pain points.

Social media marketing is a big part of it. Step 1: Get your content to the right people. Step 2: Encourage them to book a consultation (automated appointment scheduling is included).

If you have another question or are curious about my qualifications, visit the about page.

Whenever you're ready (as long as it's not a Saturday or Sunday).

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