Grow Your Private Practice in 2021 with a Tasteful Website for Therapists

Get more clients and help them overcome mental illness without adding stress to your life.

Meet Daniel Wallen, web designer specializing in therapist and counselor websites. 👇

Hard to see? Turn your phone sideways.

COVID-19 made in-person therapy and counseling difficult. Let's address that.

Are you ready to move your mental health practice online?

Do you need a web design expert to make your daily life simple?

Would you like a website that attracts new clients (no pressure required)?

If your inner voice whispered: "Yes," this video is for you. Watch before you scroll...

Every therapist and counselor website includes:

1. Emotional buttons that relate with your target market.

"Learn More" doesn't say much. "Yes, I Want to Defeat Depression" is an improvement. Don't you agree?

2. Friendly welcome message that emphasizes your specialty.

Family therapy? Counselor for children? Cognitive behavioral therapist? We'll make your specialty crystal clear.

3. Thoughtful report that shows people how to be mentally healthy.

Trust is hard. Some people need time. For them, we'll create a high quality resource that builds a stronger connection.

4. Moving content that speaks to the needs of your audience.

Clients expect you to understand them on a deep level. Together, we'll create content that shows them you "get it."

5. Precise descriptions that highlight your services.

How are you different from other counselors? Why is your therapy ideal for a certain person? We'll spell it out.

6. Elegant web design that is accessible for all.

Some people can't see well. Others can't see at all. They must be considered. Accessibility is a big deal.

7. Reliable processes that attract clients.

We'll use a combination of community outreach and Facebook ads to reach people who need you.

Do you want a therapy or counseling website that reflects your authentic personality?

Click "Discovery Call" and we'll talk about it.

Therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals who want to grow their private practice.

As a mental health professional, you understand the importance of safeguarding confidential information. I use the most secure web design software available.

We'll publish and promote content that shows readers how to boost their mental health. Topics will be determined by your passion, specialty, and demographics.

I'll show you how to reach the right people on social media. Visitors are able to book appointments with an online calendar. In the future, we'll explore the possibility of Facebook ads.

If your question wasn't answered here or you're interested in my qualifications, visit the about page.

Within a week of your discovery call.

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