Conversion Optimized Websites by Daniel "Dogfather" Wallen

Most web designers build your website and call it a day.

That's not good enough. Watch the video to discover why. 👇

Hard to see? Turn your phone sideways.

COVID-19 took a toll on your service business. Let's address that.

Pet service provider seeking a reliable system to find more clients?

Personal trainer or yoga teacher looking for a simple strategy to get new clients?

Counselor or therapist searching for an effective method to grow your private practice?

Sound familiar? This short video was made for you. Watch it before you scroll any further...

And yes, I can assist other types of service businesses. But I'm focused on these niches for now!

Every conversion optimized website (COW) includes:

1. Fun buttons that get clicked.

If a button's text doesn't stir up an emotion, people won't click it (or learn more about you).

2. Friendly welcome message that feels natural.

You only have eight seconds to make a positive first impression. No pressure, I'll take care of it for you.

3. Helpful resource that your audience genuinely wants.

Some people buy now. Others need time. For them, we'll make an email list (and a valuable report to give them).

4. Engaging about page that humanizes you in an authentic way.

People don't buy services. They invest in service providers. Highlight what makes you unique to win hearts (and wallets).

5. Smooth opt-in procedure that ensures subscribers receive and open emails.

80% of promotional emails aren't read. 80% of my latest welcome emails are read. We'll do the same for you.

6. Personalized content that emphasizes a prospect's problems and pain points.

Together, we'll create timeless (read: always relevant) content to promote your services over and over again.

7. Persuasive service descriptions that make your offer sound 100% awesome.

As a professional writer with a decade of experience, I can prescribe the ideal way to describe your services.

8. Attractive web design that wows people on any device or screen size.

Half of your prospects are on a smartphone. If your website isn't mobile friendly, they'll hate it and leave.

9. Targeted ads that reach people who are a good fit for your services.

After your website is completely optimized, we'll find more clients at warp speed with Facebook ads.

10. Personable networking templates that build trust and awareness.

Meanwhile, we'll get new clients by starting conversations with people who fit your demographics.

Do you want a conversion optimized website that's built to achieve your business goals?

FYI: I'll never stop optimizing your website. Progress is always possible. I also offer a performance-based payment plan. Click "Discovery Call" to schedule a free consultation now.

Websites are built and hosted with Webflow. We'll get a domain that fits your needs on Google Domains. Results are measured in Google Analytics. We'll adjust based on data.

No. WordPress websites are hard to optimize and easy to hack. 90% of websites that get hacked live on WP. More than 70% of WP themes are vulnerable to security breaches.

Webflow's more secure and flexible. WordPress forces you to use pre-made themes, which are near impossible to customize. Webflow lets you start with a blank slate, so it's easier to optimize for your goals.

That's not ideal. Most people aren't qualified to manage their website. In the past, I was one of them. My website got hacked so hard I couldn't use it anymore. Want to take that risk? Fine. But I won't be a party to it.

Most web designers build your website. I build, launch, promote, optimize, and monetize your website. I also take care of boring stuff related to security and routine maintenance.

Service providers who work in fitness, pet care, or mental health. I can help other service businesses, but am focused on those niches for now.

If you're not willing to engage with people on social media, this offer isn't for you. Community outreach is a huge part of the process.

Either is okay. We'll go with your preference. Scroll up and book an appointment now.